South Florida and its mobile perks

Written on April 22, 2015 at 10:46 pm, by Eduardo

South Florida and its mobile perks…

Have you ever been to South Florida?

Actually, let me rephrase the question…have you ever been to Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, France, Italy, China, Japan, Africa, Alaska, Antartica, Australia, states within the U.S.A., cities within Florida such as Fort Lauderdale, Coral Gables, Aventura, Coconut Grove, Miami Beach or anywhere and everywhere around the whole universe and more?


If your answer is NO, than I got a budget friendly way for you to go around the world…and extremely simple…take notes please: spend your next summer vacation in Miami, the sunshine state, where there isn’t just sun throughout the year but a cultural diversity overwhelmingly refreshing…when you know that every other individual is either from a different country speaking a different language, or an American son or daughter who grew up with an non-American parents!


Wanna talk bad behind someones back? Not a good quality brothers and sisters, but if you must, be very careful because in Miami, most people speak 2 languages or more…so either be respectful and hush those lips or be a ‘’butt hole’’ and get your ‘’butt hole’’ kicked.


As with many popular states that are more like vacation spots than an ordinary everyday place, many businesses uses the sun-all-year-long to advertise and commercialize everything and anything they can possibly sell so tourists can buy buy buy, and take home a little piece of paradise.

So how do this companies advertize exactly?


Well, if you haven’t heard about the newest technology explosion lately, it is called the Proximity Marketing, the first and most advanced direct response marketing that will
monetized your FREE WiFi Services…Press me to know more in detail…

So how does it work?

As we all know, everyone and their cousins have a mobile device, just put in your phone number, accept the propaganda advertizing that will be sent to you once in a while (of course, for the things you are currently looking for – Google knows people!) and voila!


So next time you visit Miami and its people, remember to speak about others NEVER and go ahead and get your free WiFi at locations that offer this awesome WIFI proximity mobile tech, getting cool deals on the things that interest you most is a pretty cool way to save for that ice cold pina colada  that you must drink walking down the strip in Miami Beach…Enjoy the sunshine state, enjoy the free WIFI and enjoy the margarita!!!

We all want a place that we can call home!

Written on March 9, 2015 at 1:52 pm, by Eduardo

Whether in the US or anywhere the world, having a place that you can call home is undeniably a blessing.

It can be that cute little home with the picket fence, a 5K sq Feet plus mansion or an oceanfront apartment…it is a dream of yours since you can remember, and believe it or not, Miami is a spot where many wishes to make it their”permanent home”.

feature pic executive estates

What many “outsiders” don’t know is that you CAN have that piece of real estate here in Miami with a moderate low budget, you just have to know where to look, how to get there first, negotiating skills and a great decorator and general contractor.

Excuse me? I though we were talking about my dream home?

Well we still are indeed, like I mentioned previously, if you want that piece of property that is nothing but the best you must be willing to live under construction for a little while, but take in consideration that you will be living in Miami and will be a local.

With that in mind, remodeling is a great way to personalize most spots inside and outside the property, using a fresh paint  job from a reputable painting company click here, checking the plumbing, securing all the rest and you will have you dream real estate with your dream location in no time…

You will then become that local, that Floridian, miamian local that you have been dreaming of!

Don’t forget that having a great Realtor is just as important as having great financing, a great general contractor and an awesome home designer , it just have to be part of the team!

A Realtor must be able to not only find THAT perfect nest for you, but be able to negotiate an unreal price deal as-well, because as we all know, without a great infrastructure there will never be an awe-inspiring interior structure.

What all South Floridians have in common?

Written on February 23, 2015 at 9:26 pm, by Eduardo

When in need, call me…said millions of store owners across South Florida!

Either you a Florida resident, or just loves Florida so much that you have become more attached to this state than where ever you are from, there is one think that all locals here knows:  “the right people”…


Knowing people here is what will get you thru the right door, what will get the work done right, on time and as you have requested.

When I say the right people I am speaking in all since including knowing who’s  your neighbor (and what they are up to), being friendly to your mailperson and have your local electricians number in hand.


Trusting is a very difficult word which has been beaten up so many times and yet we shall never give in, because one thing I can promise you, here in South Florida your job is only as good as your work!

Florida is very big, and when a state is very big it tends to get a little harder to choose “the right peeps” to work with and/or do the work for you!

florida sign


You tend to get lost in the 100,000 stores for a single type of bulb.

But remember that as a Florida resident you should have all your “local” numbers for specific jobs on speed dial.



How to move around in South Florida?

Written on December 17, 2014 at 12:34 pm, by Eduardo

Sunshine Estate has always be famous for its pristine beaches, the great quality of life and above all the Sun that soaks this land almost 300  days of the year, but one of the main attraction in south Florida always has been the life that the mix of cultures propagates and makes it and amazing place to to get to know people from different countries especially from Latin America.

Before come to Florida one of your main concerns is to move around from the airport to the hotel and to the hotel to the beach, the mall and all the amazing restaurants that make Miami especial.


I have found that the best way to move around south Florida is to get the services of a good limousine company, for years I’ve been service from the moment I get to the airport I already have my driver waiting for me at the carrousel where I get my luggage, he already knows me so he doesn’t have to hold my name on a Ipad to identified himself.

He always shows up in an amazing limo either I’m by myself or when I bring friends and family to my vacation home on the beach.

On this trip he pick us up in and bling bling Black Mercedes Benz stretch limo, he had my favorite drinks already in a cooler and drove us straight to my house.

To me is very important to be drive around Miami because if you ever tried to drive down there you’ll realized that the driving habits are completed different from the rest of united states.

Sometimes I rent a car when I feel adventurous and to take my friends to especial places,like the Florida keys, or the west coast passing by the alligator alley is always an experience that i enjoy and love to have my friends to have it.

The keys are always very enticing and is always the best to disconnect and stay relax in margarita-ville for at least three days in a row.

Stay in touch to learn what are the best alternative ways to move around in south Florida and the keys.

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Why everybody wants to come to Florida?

Written on September 16, 2014 at 5:32 pm, by Eduardo

Don’t you love to be in a sunny place where everybody just want to have fun and live life to the fullest?