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We all want a place that we can call home!

Monday, March 9th, 2015

Whether in the US or anywhere the world, having a place that you can call home is undeniably a blessing.

It can be that cute little home with the picket fence, a 5K sq Feet plus mansion or an oceanfront apartment…it is a dream of yours since you can remember, and believe it or not, Miami is a spot where many wishes to make it their”permanent home”.

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What many “outsiders” don’t know is that you CAN have that piece of real estate here in Miami with a moderate low budget, you just have to know where to look, how to get there first, negotiating skills and a great decorator and general contractor.

Excuse me? I though we were talking about my dream home?

Well we still are indeed, like I mentioned previously, if you want that piece of property that is nothing but the best you must be willing to live under construction for a little while, but take in consideration that you will be living in Miami and will be a local.

With that in mind, remodeling is a great way to personalize most spots inside and outside the property, using a fresh paint  job from a reputable painting company click here, checking the plumbing, securing all the rest and you will have you dream real estate with your dream location in no time…

You will then become that local, that Floridian, miamian local that you have been dreaming of!

Don’t forget that having a great Realtor is just as important as having great financing, a great general contractor and an awesome home designer , it just have to be part of the team!

A Realtor must be able to not only find THAT perfect nest for you, but be able to negotiate an unreal price deal as-well, because as we all know, without a great infrastructure there will never be an awe-inspiring interior structure.