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What all South Floridians have in common?

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

When in need, call me…said millions of store owners across South Florida!

Either you a Florida resident, or just loves Florida so much that you have become more attached to this state than where ever you are from, there is one think that all locals here knows:  “the right people”…


Knowing people here is what will get you thru the right door, what will get the work done right, on time and as you have requested.

When I say the right people I am speaking in all since including knowing who’s  your neighbor (and what they are up to), being friendly to your mailperson and have your local electricians number in hand.


Trusting is a very difficult word which has been beaten up so many times and yet we shall never give in, because one thing I can promise you, here in South Florida your job is only as good as your work!

Florida is very big, and when a state is very big it tends to get a little harder to choose “the right peeps” to work with and/or do the work for you!

florida sign


You tend to get lost in the 100,000 stores for a single type of bulb.

But remember that as a Florida resident you should have all your “local” numbers for specific jobs on speed dial.