South Florida and its mobile perks

South Florida and its mobile perks…

Have you ever been to South Florida?

Actually, let me rephrase the question…have you ever been to Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, France, Italy, China, Japan, Africa, Alaska, Antartica, Australia, states within the U.S.A., cities within Florida such as Fort Lauderdale, Coral Gables, Aventura, Coconut Grove, Miami Beach or anywhere and everywhere around the whole universe and more?


If your answer is NO, than I got a budget friendly way for you to go around the world…and extremely simple…take notes please: spend your next summer vacation in Miami, the sunshine state, where there isn’t just sun throughout the year but a cultural diversity overwhelmingly refreshing…when you know that every other individual is either from a different country speaking a different language, or an American son or daughter who grew up with an non-American parents!


Wanna talk bad behind someones back? Not a good quality brothers and sisters, but if you must, be very careful because in Miami, most people speak 2 languages or more…so either be respectful and hush those lips or be a ‘’butt hole’’ and get your ‘’butt hole’’ kicked.


As with many popular states that are more like vacation spots than an ordinary everyday place, many businesses uses the sun-all-year-long to advertise and commercialize everything and anything they can possibly sell so tourists can buy buy buy, and take home a little piece of paradise.

So how do this companies advertize exactly?


Well, if you haven’t heard about the newest technology explosion lately, it is called the Proximity Marketing, the first and most advanced direct response marketing that will
monetized your FREE WiFi Services…Press me to know more in detail…

So how does it work?

As we all know, everyone and their cousins have a mobile device, just put in your phone number, accept the propaganda advertizing that will be sent to you once in a while (of course, for the things you are currently looking for – Google knows people!) and voila!


So next time you visit Miami and its people, remember to speak about others NEVER and go ahead and get your free WiFi at locations that offer this awesome WIFI proximity mobile tech, getting cool deals on the things that interest you most is a pretty cool way to save for that ice cold pina colada  that you must drink walking down the strip in Miami Beach…Enjoy the sunshine state, enjoy the free WIFI and enjoy the margarita!!!

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