Are you a REAL Floridian?

Are you really an Orange Baby?

If you want to discover whether or not you are truly a South Floridian, here are 7 ways to find out. Skip to Number 1 if you choose:

7. Not originating from here is a conversation starter, meeting someone who is native to Southern Florida is a rare occurrence seeing as how most residence relocate here to be under the shade of a palm tree, with ocean breeze blowing through their hair.

palm tree

6. You see mini lobster season as a major holiday! You see, Mini Lobster season is actually quite popular and signifies the 48 hour period before the regular beginning of lobster season. Mini Lobster season occurs in late July where numerous Fishermen (as well as women) enter a lobster catching frenzy in South Florida.


5. Umbrellas are a fashion statement, and everyday accommodation. The normal afternoon sprinkle, I mean shower, or downpour is no joke. You keep an umbrella within arms length at all times, its a South Florida thing! That is why you will always have a carpet cleaning company or a cleaning company in general on speed dial, so that you don’t live with filthy floors/carpets…


4. Cuban Coffee is your main fuel source! All legitimate South Florida coffee drinkers have indulged in the unique sweet java that is Cuban culture. No matter if you order a Colada, Cortadito, Cafecito, or the basic Cafe Con Leche, Cafe Americano doesn’t compare to Cubano alternatives for South Floridians, no matter their origination.


3. Dolphin is delicious, though the animal lovers in the north cry out against us South Floridians eating flipper, ordering blackened dolphin from the local raw bar is a regular occurrence. However, we then have to explain to them that it is just another name for Mahi Mahi, which is in abundance in the Southern Florida waterways.


2. You laugh at those who purchase their mangoes and avocados in the grocery store. Not only do we get the advantages of no winters, gorgeous sunsets, and the Atlantic Ocean, there is more than enough mango and avocado trees growing, and South Floridians love to share.

mango avocado

1. You frequently boat, even if you don’t own one. Due to the fact that this state is a peninsula surrounded by water, boating is a cultural lifestyle of South Florida. Whether you prefer deep sea fishing, snorkeling, or cruising the dockside venues, everyone has their preference in boating purposes. The best thing about this is, you don’t have to own a boat to experience the boating way of life. All over the world, you are able to go out on a boat through boat sharing which can keep private owners and non-owners happier.


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